Find A Small Group

Life is better when you can share it with others.

We are designed to live in community – to laugh, cry, grow, support, & learn from each other. Everyone has a story; therefore, everyone has something to share.

Many people deal with the same trials and struggles you do, and you don’t have to face them alone. Groups are a way we get to share God’s story in our lives, experience true freedom, and thrive in our relationship with God and others. Groups meet at various times and locations throughout the week, and there’s many different options. No matter which group you choose, the purpose is to get you connected to other people so you can do life together.

Let’s get you plugged in to a Small Group so you can start experiencing real relationships that will grow your faith.



I’ve attended Victory Church for 3 years, and as this last year came around I finally decided to put myself out there and join a small group which has ended up being the best thing that has happened to me in my 4 years of living here! Having no idea who I was, the group of girls I met welcomed me with love and open arms, were there to pick me up when I was weak, and have provided a safe place for me to be comfortable being vulnerable without judgement. Being involved in a group at Victory has not only given me a group of strong women to look up to, but has significantly helped me grow in my confidence and walk with God in such a short amount of time. Everyone needs support in their life journey and having a group to help challenge you to become the best version of yourself is completely worth that brief moment of discomfort when entering a group of all new faces. Joining a group has given me friendship and a home at Victory Church. Shoutout to the 9 women that were strangers to me a month ago and are now all my homies who have greatly impacted my life!

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